We needed to relocate our family from Ontario to Maple Ridge. Not only did we have to find a perfect house quickly, but we also had to consider schools for our children and commuting routes. We were able to take a quick weekend trip to BC to look at houses. Randy had organized several very good viewings for us during our visit, and we found a fantastic house. Randy and Tracy not only helped us with finding a new home, but also helped us become acquainted with Maple Ridge, the various schools, and areas in the city. If it wasn’t for Randy and Tracy, our relocation would have been much more difficult. Thank you Randy and Tracy! – Clive and Shireen

I would like to thank you for your honesty, patience,  knowledge and most importantly your dedication. You eased a lot of my stress in what became a suddenly busy and crazy Real estate market. Looking back to the very first time I met you both, I was drawn by how sincere you were. I am so blessed for that meeting and how it lead to such a positive outcome. You helped us find the perfect home and we are incredibly greatful. You are a wonderful team. Many thanks and Hugs! – Angelica

“Randy took the time to sit us down and find out who we were and what we wanted in a house. With that information he was able to keep on top of the market and have us be the first ones to get into some of the houses we saw. We found Randy to be honest and committed to finding us the right place to live. In our opinion Randy DeLair is a very hard working and dedicated realtor, sincerely interested in finding his clients what they want.” – Gord and Allyson

“We showed interested in one or two houses but not once did Randy pressure us into buying and we found that very refreshing. We are senior citizens and were quite surprised to be treated with so much respect and consideration of our idea of what we wanted in a house.” – John and Emily

“Last November I completed my third transaction with Randy, and I would like to make you aware of the fact on how pleased I have been in his overall performance especially during this last sale. In most instances people are probably bringing negative issues to your attention in lieu of any commending remarks, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank Randy on his efforts.” – Ralph

“On behalf of my husband and myself, we would like to extend our thanks to one of your realtors. We would like to inform your office of the outstanding service that Randy DeLair has provided. From the moment we contacted him (on the recommendation of friends), we have been thoroughly impressed with Randy. He provided us with prompt and accurate analysis of our present house and was very patient as we sorted out our needs for our second home. Once we were actively looking and on the market, Randy was the consummate professional. He found us a wonderful new home, and was a true representative for us regarding that purchase. We truly felt he had our best interests at heart at all times, and was always honest and good natured with two very particular people! We thank him for his patience, his humour, and his professional knowledge and would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an outstanding realtor.” – Sandra and Ken

“Recently I had the privilege of utilizing the services of Randy DeLair in the sale of my home. I found Randy to be a most efficient and caring individual and felt he did an excellent job for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Randy to my friends and/or associates.” – Audrey

“Randy did everything he could to sell my house, always returned my calls promptly. Kept me well informed of what was going on – gave me feed back on all the showings, whether it was good or bad. Showed me every property I wanted to see. Was totally honest. I don’t think I could have found a better realtor.” – Pat and David

“Hi Randy and Tracy

We would like to take the time to thank you both for everything in the sale of our house. We have never had a good experience with realtors with to previous sales and have never used the same realtor a second time. Unfortunately, we are moving out of the area but if not we would use you again without hesitation. We were shocked when in negotiations, you truly had our best interests in mind and guided us to what was best for us. Never did you try to push us into something just to have a fast sale at a detriment to us. You truly worked, and worked very hard to sell our home and draw attention and people to it instead of just waiting for to sell itself on MLS.

We would also like to thank you for taking the lead with Brookfield. This was our first time dealing with them and you fully took over and did everything that was required of us for them. Having never dealt with them and being very overwhelmed with everything, you made everything very smooth and took a lot of stress away from us.

I can assure you that if we ever move back to the Lower Mainland, you will be the realtors that we use again. If you ever need a reference from us, please feel free to have people contact me. I will gladly tell them how wonderful, honest, and hard working you are and they would be foolish to use anyone else.” – Tammy and James

“Hi Randy

Before I get into what we need help with, I thought I’d tell you something kinda cool. On Tuesday, I was telling my friend Heather all about the services that you provided for us. But then I told her about the damages that occurred here because Amir was not watching his clients properly, her eyes opened like saucers. But when I told her how you dealt with the problem of Ron’s model plane, Heather was amazed. Heather asked if you would help her and her husband sell her house when the time comes. I told her that there wouldn’t be any problem with that at all. She asked, “are you sure?”I told her that you will be more than happy to help get things taken care of. I told Heather that you are always there for them and not to do anything concerning the house until you ask first. I told her that you’d be there whenever you’re needed. She was so happy with that idea and still carries your business card Tracy gave her the day she arrive to drop off the sheets for our listing and the stand.

Did we thank you for all you did with the sale of our house? Maybe not enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Ron and Colleen (the happiest lady and man on the planet earth)

Randy and Tracy were very professional and kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend Randy and Tracy to anyone. Service and professionalism far exceeded our expectations.” – Daryl and Eileen

“To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is a description of two very different experiences with realtors regarding the sale of my townhouse and a personal warning not to use one of the following, you can decide which one.

This spring I finally decided it was time to downsize my home and move closer to my friend who lives in Langley. I found a very nice townhouse within a few blocks of her location and within 2 days had a conditionally accepted offer. At the same time I signed up a 1% Realty agent to expedite the sale of my townhouse and save myself some money, since I knew that townhouses in my general area were selling in 1-3 weeks. This was March 26th and I did not receive an offer until June 10th (it was for $30,000 less than the list price). There were people and their realtors visiting several times a week during this time period but no offers. My original 60 days offer on the Langley townhouse was extended by 30 days but eventually someone else bumped me since their offer was with no conditions. On june 26th I let my contract with 1% Realty expire (they were curious as to why I didn’t renew!).

I contacted the realtor from Langley (since he had been so helpful and professional) to get a reference for someone in my area to start again. After phoning Randy DeLair from Royal LePage, we met on a Monday night and after reviewing his very complete and professional presentation, I signed a contract to sell my townhouse. By Thursday night my home was already listing on mls.ca (only realtors could log into this section of the site). I had people visiting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by Monday night I already had an offer. This time I was able to sell my townhouse in only 8 days and didn’t begrudge paying the “full” realtor fees.

So be very careful of who you sue to sell your house. My personal impression of my first realtor was that they don’t put a lot of effort into it since they don’t earn as much. Also I think other realtors avoid dealing with 1% listings since they have to share a much smaller commision.” – Roger

“Dear Randy,

Thank you very much for your Tim Hortons gift card. While we feel that we are not deserving, we will make use of it by saving some dough; we would be nuts not to do so. In any case, when you pointed us in the direction of our condo, you made the point of saying that you would be our realtor forever. Little did we know how true you would be to your word. We haven’t had a friend yet who is looking for a place out this way, but if it ever came to pass, you definitely would be the realtor we would recommend.” – Brian and Julie

“We can only speak superlatives of Randy and Tracy after the sale of our house. Various challenges arose along the way including time, due to our purchase of a new home, unexpected building defects and distance between the buyer and use. Randy and Tracy held several open houses and went out of their way to make sure everything was just right. Randy had a contractor on line within an house of identification of the defects and helped greatly to ease our stress. In the end, a deal was reached with the buyer that met their unique moving challenges and ours. We can honestly say that Randy and Tracy’s expertise, confidence and experience sold our house.” – Alex and Bobbi

“Randy set reasonable expectations and then exceeded them! Randy & Tracy sold our house quicker than expected for more than expected. They kept the process simply & straightforward for me. Communicated well throughout the process and were available whenever I had questions. Experience is undervalued until it is needed.” – Karen and Derrick